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To pursue one-of-a-kind craftsmanship The craftsmen must strive to hone their technique

For more than half of a century we have been continuing our pursuit of manufacturing quality food packaging and subsidiary materials that bring more value to manufactured food products.
It has not only been with our material manufacturing and sales ability alone, but also our capabilities as a trading company that has led us to a rock-solid position in the ham sausage industry.
However, we recognize that continued and untiring innovation is essential to continue the growth of our industry value. To deliver truly innovative products with excellent functionality that meet the needs of the modern marketplace, we draw on our cutting-edge technologies used in our unique products such as Cellostar (color transfer sheet/casing) and Spistar (spice transfer sheet/casing), all the while facing towards broader markets such as the prepared foods and seafood industries.
As a company that is involved with, and represents, the food industry, we are diligent not only in our stringent quality control for all of our products, but also in environmentally conscious planning and safety measures. Performing our duties in accordance with these laws is fundamental to our company.
By sticking to our code of conduct and following the roadmap we have laid out for ourselves, we can proudly show our customers, as a company who produces products for the betterment of the world at large, an industry value that will surely continue to grow.
Kan Kobayashi
OCI Co.,Ltd.